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Tuesa (Set of three | Plain edition)

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High / 30 cm
Middle / 16,5 cm
Low / 11 cm
Materials: birchbark, cedarwood  


Due to its naturally contained essential oils, birchbark has an antiseptic, antifungal, insulating and moisture-repellent effect and is thus excellently suited for the storage of food. Tuesa containers make use of this property to keep food fresh for a very long time. They are ideally suited for storing biscuits, cereals, noodles, berries, legumes and other loose foods, and perfectly seal in the aroma of tea, coffee, spices and nuts. Water-resistant and very light containers are highly durable and low-maintenance. Warm, velvety and non-slip natural birchbark surface guarantees a secure grip, even when wet. There is a suitable size of Tuesa for any use: the storage containers are available as sets of three or as individual products, and are offered in a range of sizes and colours. Being manufactured from a unique natural material, no two products are exactly the same, which is emphasised by contrasting accents. High quality is ensured through elaborate craftsmanship and careful material selection. At last you do not have to hide your storage containers, as birchbark enlivens every kitchen with its warm, homely appearance!

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The Russian designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva combines thousands of years of Siberian craftsmanship from her homeland with contemporary design. She has developed a new concept for the use and processing of the renewable raw material – birchbark. Handcrafted, unique and high-quality products developed by Anastasiya Koshcheeva revive the age-old tradition of Siberian craftsmanship.

Thanks to its diverse properties, birchbark was once one of the most widely used materials in Russian, Scandinavian and Canadian crafts, and had a vital everyday role in the temperate to cool climactic zones of the Northern Hemisphere (where birch trees grow in large groves). Despite its excellent properties, birchbark has been gradually replaced by industrial materials and has almost completely been displaced from the market. This has contributed to the material, and the thousands of years of craftsmanship that go with it, gradually falling into oblivion, and so the enormous potential of this fascinating raw material is barely exhausted today. 

The products developed by Anastasiya Koshcheeva revive the characteristics of birchbark and also reinvigorate endangered trade.  Unlike in traditional craftsmanship, these products are manufactured using flat pieces of the naturally velvety outside of the birch tree bark which is a modern adaptation of traditional processing. Working with the lighter outside of the bark is a way to celebrate the distinctive grain and colouring of the material. Being manufactured from a unique natural material, no two products are exactly the same, which is emphasized by contrasting accents. High quality is ensured through elaborate craftsmanship and careful material selection.

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